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Trust, Transparency, Accountability
Our priority is to inspire you to live your life by design, not by default. Once you are inspired to share what you want out of life, we help you make informed decisions that are logical for you. Our skilled Wealth Advisors, CPA’s*, Attorneys* and Insurance Specialists* develop a plan. Making informed decisions can only be accomplished by providing you with education, so you have an overall understanding of what we’re doing for you, why we are doing it and how it applies to you. We connect with our clients by communicating with you as a person, not just treating you as an account. We deliver a level of service that we hope will exceed your expectations. We have a seamless proactive process, which simply means, we anticipate your needs before you even know there is a need. It means being bifocal, which requires paying attention to what is happening today and anticipating changes on the horizon. Additionally, the entire team contributes their value to the process, giving you a systematized approach so you can experience the Raissi & Co Wealth way.

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*Services are offered independent of Raymond James Financial Services